The Metronomes pancast!

From the Golborne Ward, Ladbroke Grove, London.

The Metronomes Steel Orchestra Pancast!
Hosted by Eversley “Breeze” Mills

Welcome to our fortnightly Pancast, brought to you from the Golborne Ward, Ladbroke Grove, London. It’s the world’s only regular podcasts produced by a steelband. There’s an introduction above by one of our Virtual Panyard curators, Cherelle Braithwaite.

In our first Pancast, I interview Colin Huntley from The One Band who now plays in Metronomes, and who has previously played in Phase II Pan Groove and Invaders in Trinidad.

Over the next few months we’ll publish the following Pancasts:

Journey of a panman
An Interview with Irvin Corridan, a Ladboke Grove resident who founded Metronomes in 1973, with Phil Dubique.

Meanwhile Gardens, The Golborne Ward, and Metronomes family across North Kensington and beyond
Metronomes moved to Meanwhile Gardens, a community Garden in 1989. We’ll be talking about the role the Metronomes family plays in the local community.

English pan and Trinidian pan, how do they compare?
An interview with Nestor Sullivan, former vice-president of Pan Trinbago, steelpan‘s world governing body.

Eversley “Breeze” Mills

Wednesday 20 May 2020

In the next few days, we’ll be setting up our The Metronomes Pancast so that you can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Alexa and other podcasts services.

We’re experimenting with a variety of different ways of delivering our Pancast. The sound quality and other issues may not be perfect at the moment, so please send us an email to give us feedback.



The Metronomes Pancast is funded by the Arts Council as part of their Emergency Response Fund set up to helps arts organisation during the Covid-19 crisis.

A big THANK YOU to National Lottery players for making it possible for the Arts Council to fund us.

Our Panyard in Meanwhile Gardens

Metronomes panyard is based at Meanwhile Gardens in Ladbroke Grove. It is a community garden, that includes projects run by the mental health charity Mind, a play hut for young children, and an internationally renowned skatepark.

The panyard is temporarily closed, but when it opens we plan to have what may well be the best party of all time!