resilience & growth plan

The Virtual Panyard & our ongoing strategy

Statement by Eversley Mills, band leader and secretary

This page is updated regularly to keep our funders, partners and other key stakeholders informed our our emerging ideas about responding to the current COVID-19 crisis.

We are working on a Resilience & Growth Plan, an outline of which will be published here on Friday 26 June 2020. This is a document that will develop over time, especially in relation to Metronomes having a better understanding of how the market for commercial performances will return post-lockdown. We also need to see how grant-making by a variety of potential funders shapes up over the coming year.

Metronomes has a simple continuity plan in place listing contacts details, and a plan for people to be able to step into roles if needed in order for us to be able to continue to deliver our services.

How COVID-19 has impacted on Metronomes

Due to the crisis, Metronomes have lost all its income from booked performances (over £9000), and income from planned fundraising events (£2000). We would usually earn around £2000 from commercial booking following Notting Hill Carnival in August, until Christmas. We expect there to be a greatly reduced number of booking during that period this year.

I run Metronomes on a day-to-day basis, and unfortunately I have lost all my income as a freelance steelpan tutor in schools. A number of key people in Metronomes have been similarly affected.

Metronomes, the largest black organisation in Golborne, with over 2000 people in its extended family across North Kensington, is facing the greatest challenge in its 47-year history.

However, this innovative steelband and unique community is fighting back!

The good news

We are certain Metronomes will survive this crisis, and that we will continue to be one of Britain’s leading steelbands. We will continue to deliver high-quality teaching and performances, along with arts and community projects.

Westway Trust have given £1600 to ensure that I can continue to lead Metronomes, and continue to work with Metronomes extended family. I am now looking at how we can partner with other organisations, and contribute to the overall community effort. Additionally, Westway Trust gave £500 for a computer and essential subscriptions to online services. We are extremely grateful for their support.

Help Musicians have given me £500 through their Coronavirus Financial Hardship Fund after I have lost my income as a freelance steelpan tutor in schools. I are extremely grateful for their support.

We have received £11,300 from the Arts Council’s Emergency Response Fund to continue our Virtual Panyard and develop new digital resources.

We are currently seeking further emergency, stabilisation funding. We are also submitting a range of fundraising applications over the next month, designed to adapt to the current uncertain future.

During the temporary closure of our panyard, we have opened up our Virtual Panyard through which we’ll be delivering online performances, reading groups, and a community pancast (podcast).

Our senior management team – the four officers, plus four people from the band – are in touch daily. The trustees will continue with their agreed meeting dates 6 times a year through Skype.

Eversley Mills

Monday 8 June 2020




Irvin Corridan

Irvin Corridan


Heather Joseph

Heather Joseph


Eversley Mills

Eversley Mills


Our Panyard in Meanwhile Gardens

Metronomes panyard is based at Meanwhile Gardens in Ladbroke Grove. It is a community garden, that includes projects run by the mental health charity Mind, a play hut for young children, and an internationally renowned skatepark.

The COVID-19 crisis shouldn’t affect our ongoing occupancy of the panyard.

The panyard is temporarily closed, but when it opens we plan to have what may well be the best party of all time!

Meanwhile Gardens Community Association wants to secure a lease from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and fundraise to create a new community building.

Metronomes are playing an active role and see increasing our project work and establishing long-term financial sustainability as making a major contribution.

Funders and sponsors who support Metronomes will also be supporting Meanwhile Gardens.