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Metronomes is an innovative steelband and unique community based in Ladbroke Grove, West London.

Welcome to our Virtual Panyard.

Metronomes & The virtual panyard

Metronomes is a family. We come together and support each other in times of difficulty. We know that this is an anxious time for people, but we are determined to support everybody in the Metronomes family, and we know you will all support each other.

There is a full statement by Eversley on the temporary closure of the panyard.

Our Virtual Panyard is now live! Notifications on!

Up next:

7.30pm Thursday 4 June The Metronomes Sessions (details to be announced)

 A variety of entertainment from people in the band. Including: DJ sets featuring, soca, calypso and steelpan music; African drumming; readings, and much more.

A live story on our Instagram accountalso available on our Facebook profile.

Now online:

The Metronomes Pancast, a podcast hosted by Eversley “Breeze” Mills

Eversley interviews Colin Huntley from The One Band who now plays in Metronomes, and who has previously played in Phase II Pan Groove and Invaders in Trinidad.

This is our trial Pancast, so we are looking for feedback on the Pancast page.


We launched our Virtual Panyard five weeks ago with performances and other activities on our Instagram account, We have now launched our steelpan and community pancast (podcast).

We opened our rehearsal week with Eversley “Breeze” Mills performing live on Instagram, playing some outstanding steelpan tunes, and chatting with the audience.

Take a quick look at the activities happening in the coming weeks.

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Metronomes leaves no one behind

Metronomes is an innovative steelband and unique community based in Ladbroke Grove, West London. We teach and perform steelpan music, promote Caribbean heritage, and run projects to benefit local people.

Metronomes was formed in 1973 by Phil Dubique and Irvin Corridan, and is currently lead by Eversley “Breeze” Mills. Our panyard has been in Meanwhile Gardens, Ladbroke Grove, since 1989. We have over 2000 members in our extended family living in North Kensington and the surrounding area.

Metronomes plays an important role in the local Caribbean community. It brings families together, helping to reduce social isolation especially amongst the elderly and single parents.

Metronomes is especially good at involving people not involved in education or other arts activities and has a long history of working with people who have frequent contact with the criminal justice system.

A large number of young people who attend Metronomes go on to university and it has helped produce a generation of architects, athletes and doctors. However, we are resolutely focused on involving all young people, including those struggling in life. Metronomes leaves no one behind.

Woman I need your loving

by Metronomes Steel Orchestra