Metronomes Steel Orchestra has existed since 1973 and has been based at Meanwhile Gardens, in Ladbroke Grove since 1989. It is currently an unincorporated association, but is submitting an application to the Charity Commission to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO, Foundation model).

The current officers are:

  • Chairperson Irvin Corridan
  • Treasurer Heather Joseph
  • Secretary Eversley Mills
  • Membership secretary Marva Spencer 

Full biographies will be available soon but note that Eversley Mills is the vice-chair of the British Association of Steelbands (BAS), and on the advisory council for Notting Hill Carnival.

Metronomes annual accounts are independently examined by Community Accountancy Self Help (CASH), a charity that assists small charities with financial management. They are advising on issues relating to our planned increase in turnover in 2020/21.



Irvin Corridan

Irvin Corridan


Heather Joseph

Heather Joseph


Eversley Mills

Eversley Mills


All our futures: Metronomes community consultation

There are a number of things driving current developments in Metronomes.

Across North Kensington, Metronomes has around two-thousand people in its extended family (around 300 of whom live on Lancaster West Estate).

Since the Grenfell fire, there has been a great deal of demand within Metronomes to do more community projects. This came about at a time that there has been an increased interest in doing more work that develops the steelpan artform.

Over summer 2019 there was a lot of consultation within Metronomes and across our North Kensington community. The key things that emerged were:

  • The need for work that promotes healing and optimism for the future following the Grenfell fire.
  • Increasing activities for young people, especially for the ones who are doing less well in life.
  • Things that are inter-generational and capture the experience and memories of the older generation of pan players and enthusiasts.
  • Satisfying the demand to do more artistic work, particularly jazz played on the steelpan and innovative work with other local cultures.
  • The desire to encourage the talents of the large numbers of young people in Metronomes who have strong digital skills.

Metronomes produced a development plan called All our futures in July 2019, and we are now completing a business.

The business plan for an organisation with a turnover growing from around £10,000 to £50,000 will not be a very long document, but it will cover the expected core areas: an executive summary, an introduction with background information, a market analysis, an operational plan, key people, impact and how it will be measured, the finances and risk.

We are talking to as many people as we can about how we serve the demand from a large number of people in the local community, and how we can create art and community work that has a high impact.

We are going to put our business plan, along with all our policies, on this page to download after they have been agreed by the trustees.

    Meanwhile Gardens

    Metronomes Panyard is based at Meanwhile Gardens in Ladbroke Grove. It is a community garden, that includes projects run by the mental health charity Mind, a play hut for young children, and an internationally renowned skatepark.

    Meanwhile Gardens Community Association wants to secure a lease from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and fundraise to create a new community building. Metronomes are playing an active role and see increasing our project work and establishing long-term financial sustainability as making a major contribution.

    Funders and sponsors who support Metronomes will also be supporting Meanwhile Gardens.